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car driving in city protected by auto insurance

How Much Car Insurance Do I Need?

When you have a car, auto insurance is a necessary expense – maybe even a necessary evil! But when you’re looking at how much coverage you need, there’s a difference between “what’s legally required” and “what will protect your financial future.” Here’s what you need to know about car insurance: what’s required, what your auto insurance options are, and how to make the right choices!    Automobile Liability Insurance The bottom line: a minimum amount of liability coverage is required by law, but it’s a really good idea to buy more.  In Texas, every automobile must carry a minimum amount of

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interior of a home protected by homeowners insurance

9 Ways To Save Money On Your Homeowners Insurance

You know that protecting your home is important. It’s the epicenter of your family’s life and probably the most valuable asset you own, so your homeowners insurance premium is money well spent. But you can still be smart about how you spend that money! It’s always worthwhile to look at ways you can reduce your insurance premiums and make sure you’re not paying more than you have to. Here are our top 9 ways you can lower your home insurance premium, while keeping the benefits of a comprehensive insurance policy that protects your home and its contents. 1. If you’ve

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Little boy on the phone

Does Your Insurance Agent Answer The Phone When You Call?

You’ve been there before. You need to make an insurance claim or change your policy, and you have a question. You pick up the phone and make a call, hoping that after a few minutes, you can cross this task off your to-do list. But in reality, you know that this will take much longer than it should. The phone will ring and ring. You’ll spend several minutes on hold, stuck listening to crappy elevator music. Maybe you’ll leave a message, knowing that there’s only a 50/50 chance they’ll get back to you promptly. It shouldn’t be this hard to

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General Liability Insurance For Contractors

Because construction and professional contractor work is more risky than other kinds of jobs, there are a lot of insurance requirements to keep in mind. General liability insurance is one of the most important: if you get sued, the right general liability coverage could be the difference between continuing your business and going bankrupt. General Liability Is Required By Many Of Your Customers So You Can Work Builders and general contractors will need to see your Certificate of Liability Insurance before hiring you. After all, they don’t want to be on the receiving end of a lawsuit if an accident

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Homeowners Insurance - family looking at their new home

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Owning a home comes with some great advantages – room for the kids to play! Renovations! Block parties! But there’s also more work involved: changing air filters, maintaining landscaping, and of course dealing with your homeowners insurance. Most Frisco homeowners know that they need to maintain homeowners insurance: it’s required by your mortgage company, and it protects what is most likely your biggest asset. But beyond that, it gets confusing. What kind of policy should you choose? What does a standard policy cover? And what extra coverage should you consider? How Does Homeowners Insurance Work? Homeowners insurance protects your family

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Independent Insurance Agents: Saving You Time & Money

How do you find the right insurance policies for your home, your car, or your business? If you want personal service, you might go to the agent in the strip mall down the road. If you need the best price, you might spend hours generating and comparing online quotes from all the 1-800 insurance companies. Parkwood Insurance is here to offer a better solution. We’re an independent insurance agency, which means that we do all the shopping around for you – as well as providing personal advice and assistance. Read on to learn why an independent insurance agent is the

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