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As an independent insurance agent, Parkwood Insurance can get you the best coverage for your classic car. Your classic car isn’t just a vehicle: it’s your passion and will require a more specialized coverage. Parkwood Insurance has you covered for a car that isn’t easily replaced.

Why Do I Need Classic Car Insurance?

Even though your classic car may be worth a pretty penny, you’ll find that classic car insurance is typically much lower than regular car insurance. That’s because classic cars are driven less often, so are much less likely to be in a collision.

In addition, your classic car may require different or more specialized coverage than provided under regular auto insurance policies.

Regular auto insurance policies consider the value of your car will depreciate over time, meaning they’ll pay out less money for accidents as the years go by. In most instances, classic cars gain value over the years. In the event of an accident in your classic car, having regular auto insurance may cause you to lose money.

What Does Classic Car Insurance Cover?

In addition to liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage, it’s worthwhile to consider some optional extras when purchasing classic car insurance:

Towing and Roadside Assistance: Taking a collectible out on the road comes with the added risk of a minor breakdown that can leave you stranded.

Spare Parts Coverage: Help keep your classic or modified cars running smoothly.

Full Windshield and Safety Glass Coverage: Got a crack or a chip? This coverage can help by fixing or replacing damaged glass without any deductible.

Auto show medical reimbursement: This will cover you if someone sustains an injury at an exhibit or event featuring your car. This coverage is not unlike the medical payments on a homeowners insurance policy, where the policy will pay medical expenses to the limit, regardless of fault. For example, if someone slips and falls in your exhibition space, this optional coverage would protect you.

How To Get The Best Classic Car Insurance in Frisco

If you’re a proud owner of a vintage, antique, or collectible car, you need classic car insurance to protect your beloved investment.

As an independent insurance agent, we can work with you to determine how you intend to use your antique vehicle and fine the best policy for your classic car.