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Renters Insurance

Your Renters Insurance Agent in Frisco

As an Independent insurance agent, we know how to find you a renters insurance policy that meets your unique needs. You have a lot of things that are important to you – from your clothes and furniture to your sound system, sports gear, and computer. And you want to feel confident that everything you’ve worked for is not at risk. At Parkwood Insurance we have you covered.

Do I Need Renters Insurance?

Renters Insurance is for anyone who does not own their home. Whether you are renting a townhome, condo, apartment or house in North Texas, renters insurance will protect your assets in the event of accidents like fires, thefts, or falls.

The structure of your apartment, home, or condo may be insured by your property owner or landlord. But it’s up to you to insure what valuables reside inside your home – including your loved ones- in the case of theft, fire, hail, or other damages.

Let’s say your condo building is affected by a North Texas hail storm. While your property owner is insured to repair the structure, your water damaged Louis Vuitton bag or big screen TV won’t be covered unless you have renters insurance. Renters Insurance can cover the cost of a new laptop, latest iPhone, or sound system damaged from water leaks, as well as your designer outfits and shoes.

No wonder why most landlords and property owners in the Frisco area require renters insurance!

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

First, as mentioned above, Renters Insurance covers personal property. That means that while your landlord is insured for property damages during hail season in Frisco, you too can feel confident that your personal belongings are insured as well.

Second, Renters Insurance also covers your material valuables from damages. If you own particularly valuable items, like heirlooms, prized collectibles, or musical instruments, these can be covered on top of personal property with a rider. We’d be happy to share more with you about how this works!

Finally, we know that what’s most important isn’t limited to material items. When accidents happen to people you care about in your home, Renters Insurance can protect you by covering some medical expenses. In some cases, your policy can help you save massive expenses!

For example, Fido bites a neighbor in the doorway of your apartment, resulting in them needing stitches. Medical expenses from the injury can be covered by Renters Insurance, regardless of fault. Legal defense can also be provided should your now angry neighbor resolve to sue!

Rather than saying “it’ll never happen to me!”, invest in Renters Insurance and have some control over the uncontrollable.

How To Get The Best Renters Insurance In Frisco

Whether you’re just starting out, between homes, or downsizing, choosing the right policy for you may seem daunting, Parkwood is here to help you find the policy that best fits you and your family’s needs. As an independent insurance agent, we do the policy shopping for you to get you the best-fit deal, and even the best-fit price!

Call or email us today and let us know how we can help give you that peace of mind.