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Golf Cart Insurance

Parkwood Insurance

Your Frisco Golf Cart Insurance Agent

As an independent insurance agent, Parkwood Insurance can get you the best coverage for your golf cart. Whether you use your golf cart from green to green or around your gated community, we can get you customized coverage that will protect you and your golf cart.

Why Do I Need Golf Cart Insurance?

Some people mistakenly assume that their existing insurance will help cover a golf cart. Check with your agent to be sure, but most standard homeowners policies provide little coverage for golf carts — especially once you leave the borders of your property.

Likewise, a standard car insurance policy typically will not offer protection for your golf cart.

So, what kind of golf cart insurance coverage is available?

Depending on where you live or who your insurer is, you may be able to add on an endorsement to your existing homeowners or car insurance policy to help better cover your golf cart.

Or, you may choose to buy a policy specifically for your golf cart. Some insurance companies offer policies that are designed for golf carts, covering you just about anywhere your cart takes you — or even off-season while it’s in storage.

Whatever your needs, Parkwood Insurance has you covered.

What Does Golf Cart Insurance Cover?

In addition to personal liability and property damage coverages, you can add comprehensive and collision coverage, transport trailer coverage, and accessory coverage for extra security.